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Designed and Supplied

Modular Security Solutions offers a bespoke and personally tailored solution to all your secure building needs. Our High security composite panelling system is rapidly installed and offers a significant reduction in labour costs, site down time and on site trades due to its convenient male/female slip joint and pre-finished appearance which comes in a wide range of standard colours and finishes.

We take the stress and delay out of your build by offering a complimentary Security Design Package into every project , detailing secure installation methods and ensuring the interfaces between our system and doors, windows, ventilation louvres and service penetrations are inbuilt and secure.

Our Modular Security Solution is lightweight and space saving. It provides excellent fire and thermal efficiency. Our walling systems and enclosures can be used to create new buildings, superstructures and can also be retro-fit into existing buildings to security harden specifically identified areas.

Proven to withstand determined attack from a wide range of tools and forced entry the Modular Security Solution perfectly protects people, cash, high value equipment and assets in a range of sectors including:

  • Micro-Data Centres
  • Nuclear & Utilities
  • Armoury
  • Retail
  • Utilities Kiosk
  • Transport
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Laboratories
  • Secure Storage
  • Mobile Panic Room and Prepper Safety Areas

We can offer you a Turnkey Installation Package via one of our trained and approved Security Contracting Partners and also a range of compatible turnkey products including security door sets, louvres, grilles, bar sets, vision panels, HVAC /M&E fit out options and much more.

You can rely on us for all of your security building needs!

Sectors We Serve

Modular Security Solutions provides a prime, composite barrier and can be used to heighten security in almost all physical security construction applications where a need to protect people, high value assets, equipment, hazardous waste or critical data has been identified.

MSS provides the perfect security solution to:

Modular Security Solutions - The Turnkey Solution

At Modular Security Solutions we adopt a project cradle to grave service ensuring you’re in safe hands every step of the way.


Our In-House Security Design Package offers a stage and gate sign off process ensuring that high security and physical resistance is inbuilt into every bespoke project.

Our CAD team meticulously design and detail every fixing arrangement, allowing your drawing pack to act as a step by step comprehensive installation guide.

Project Managed

As a client of MSS you will benefit from a Dedicated Project Manager who will act as a constant single point of contact and ensure your project runs smoothly and is delivered on time.


The MSS system can be offered on a supply only basis to clients who already work in the construction industry or to those who prefer to use a cladding contractor they are familiar with.

Alternatively, MSS offers a secure, reliable installation package via one of our trained and experienced contracting partners.

Inspection & Reporting

MSS offers a multi-stage build inspection and reporting service, ensuring your build is always being carried out to the very highest standard.

Benefits when compared to Traditionally Built-Up, Multi-Layered Systems

Why choose the MSS system over traditional building methods????

Benefits Over Other Security Building Systems

What advantages do MSS provide over conventional security approaches?

The Modular Security Solutions Product Range

The MSS system offers a one stop shop for all your security building needs. Our impressive product range ensures our clients have a fantastic selection of products and access to technical assistance in selecting the level of security and system that meets their project requirements.

TD1 Security Composite Panels, withstanding attack for up to 1 minute
TD2 Security Composite Panels, withstanding attack for up to 3 minutes
TD3 Security Composite Panels, withstanding attack for up to 5 minutes
TD4 Security Composite Panels, withstanding attack for up to 10 minutes

Iso-Containers and the Protecti-Pod

Supporting Ancillary Range

The bespoke MSS system is supplied with all supporting Envelope Ancillary Steelwork, flashings and fixings. Everything you need to build an enclosure, fix to existing steel frames or retrofit into an existing environment.

This includes; Support Posts, Secure Floor Track, Security Angles, Aperture Frame Out Solutions, Security Interface Plating... and much more.

Complimentary Security Products

At MSS we can provide you with a wide range of complementary Security Products including:

  • Security Doorsets

  • Louvres

  • Bar Sets

  • Vision Panels

  • Penetration Fore Proofing Products

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